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JPI Sports Training Programs

Our Sport Performance programs offer elite coaching and world class training for youth through elite professionals.

JPI Sports
Sports Performance

At JPI Sports we offer small group training for all scholastic athletes from elementary aged students to collegiate athletes. Each program is purpose built to meet the developmental needs of the athlete based on our performance assessments taken prior to starting as a JPI athlete.


Prep Development Program – For our Elementary and Middle-school aged athletes we offer a program focused primarily on teaching and developing movement skills with an emphasis on technique and consistency.  With our younger athlete we want to provide structure, but we also want to have fun learning how to move and compete. We provide a dedicated structure focused on the individual athlete’s needs to best prepare them for the increasing demands placed on them as they work their way up the competitive ladder. These sessions are typically carried out in a small-group format as we’ve found young athletes respond most positively to training in a group of their peers which helps to fortify consistency, enhance learning, and encourage positive habit development.


Prep Competition Program – For our High School and Collegiate athletes we offer a program that utilizes the same proven methods we apply with our professional athletes with some minor changes to ensure we apply appropriate stress to the athlete in accordance with training age and experience. We offer this program in both small group and private training formats with our athletic assessment serving to guide the decision-making process on which format will best serve the individual’s current performance needs, sports played, and competitive timeline.


Pro Development & Combine Training – For our professional, or soon to be professional athletes we offer the highest caliber training program available for preparing to compete at the draft combine or upcoming season. This program focuses on individual needs via athletic testing to determine areas of physical limitation or injury risk. We also provide performan09poce monitoring throughout the train-up period to capture performance trends, optimize daily performance, and enhance/sustain career performance.

JPI Sports

Our Health & Fitness Program is focused on helping our clients to improve their overall physical and mental fitness. We work with our clients to target the biggest limitations to their long-term success by focusing on developing positive habits in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and sleep. The development of positive habits in a step-by-step process allows our clients to adapt to the changes to their day-to-day routines gradually that will allow for short-term goals to be reached but will also serve to solidify positive health habits long-term to truly revolutionize our client’s lives

JPI Sports
Online Coaching

Our Online Coaching program is open to Athletes and Health & Fitness clients, as this program utilizes a remote delivery system via any smartphone or tablet. The Online Coaching program includes virtual assessment, physical training program, nutrition consultation, and weekly check-ins. For those that may live a bit too far away from JPI to train with us in-person or for those that want to take to  the game to the next level.

Health & Fitness
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